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Anonymous asked: I did not enjoy Palo Alto :((((

really ??? I liked it !! I thought it was rly good tbh

side note: it bothers me bc seriously almost every Palo Alto post on here has the wrong year for the movie and I refuse to reblog anything with incorrect information and yea that’s annoying c ya

Anonymous asked: Because you never answer on here...lol...


Anonymous asked: Do you have twitter or askfm?

yOoO why have ask.fm when u can just ask me questions here u feel me
but ya my twitter is: lamepvnk I’ll follow u back hmuhmu

Jemima does a stick-and-poke on her husband’s best friend - “He’s the best for stick-and-pokes, because he doesn’t give a shit what I give him. He has “eat me” on his calf from me.” 


i can’t decide if this bus is being supportive or threatening me


Murder Has Its Sexual Side, Mothers Shouldn’t Make Too Many Sacrifices

Jenny Holzer


We accept the reality of the world with which we are presented”

The Truman Show (1998)
Peter Weir